Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I tell you there are days when I wish, I could be a child again!  As a child we had no worries. I am learning more and more each day, that if it was not for God granting me with a sound mind, and a wonderful family. I would have probably went crazy by now. Life, it will throw you some serious curve balls and if you are not prepared for whats to come, that ball will surely hit you where it hurts! My husband has this saying, "Life is Life," for a while it irritated me to hear him even say that, but I am starting to understand him! Life is Life, it is truly what you make it. Life is not meant to be perfect it is meant to be lived, and lived to the fullest. There's days when I just want to sit and cry and sometimes even close my eyes and not wake up (sleeping). But the time that I have spent crying and fussing and complaining I could be doing something productive, doing something that is actually contributing to my life. When I think about it, there is a lot of things that we(I) do, to make our life more difficult and frustrating. Sometimes instead of making the right decision we make the easy decision only because we don't want to work hard. Hard work is rewarding and it is beneficial for a successful life. There are a lot of things that are necessary for a successful life, many are emotions  that we really don't want to deal with like pain!! How can pain contribute to my life?  Pain is necessary,  if we did not have pain, we would not understand pleasure.  Pain can come in all forms,there is physical pain, and mental and emotional pain. Pain can drive you crazy, however once we have dealt with the pain, natured the pain. we are at the beginning stages of  defeating the situation, which caused the pain. We will then gained knowledge and we now know that the next time we are faced with that situation we will and can overcome. I have also learned that many of the problems I face, or truly not for me, they are to help others get through it. Many people never believe that they can accomplish something or face something until they have heard that someone else did it, This instill hope inside that person. 
My Life, is not mine, I am a vessel of God, and my life is a journey that will one day inspire others, to do more or better then me. Even though, there are times when I want to be control, I know that there is no better driver then GOD!  There is nothing like having God in the driver seat. He already knows my life/your the beginning and the end, and as long as I continue to let him drive I will be cool.
My advice to you would be to live you life, allow God to take control of the wheel. Be the passage for a change(as long as God is the driver). Breath, smile, laugh, enjoy life, it is okay, you will be everything that God wants you to be!!!!